How to Landscape for Your New Screen Room

Pools are a great way to enjoy your backyard during the summer months. And while there are many ways to improve the backyard pool experience, nothing does more to create more enjoyment, value and utility from your pool than adding a pool screen enclosure. Here are some of our best reasons for adding an enclosure.

Getting rid of leaves. Trees are all over in Tennessee and getting their leaves in your pool is one of the biggest cleaning concerns. Trees provide shade and great views for your backyard, but leaves in your pool is nuisance. Even if your yard doesn’t have leaves your neighbors might, and the wind will bring them right over.

Boot the value of your home. Selling your house for more than you paid for it is a goal for the typical homeowner and adding a pool enclosure is very inciting for prospective buyers. By adding a pool enclosure you are basically adding a room onto your home which adds to the home’s value as well as creating a more inviting space for guests while you enjoy the home.

Better temperature control. Pool screen enclosures can assist in the natural heating and cooling of your pool. They help to retain heat during the morning hours as well as providing shade at the height of the day. An added bonus is if you have a heated pool, you will save energy costs by trapping heat with a pool screen enclosure.

Safety, inside and out. Pool enclosures are a great way to not only keep pests away from your family and outdoor space but also any mischievous neighbor kids out. Pool enclosures add a layer of safety to give you peace of mind that you’re protecting children who are too young to understand the dangers of water. With the bonus of fewer pest annoying your guests on a nice evening.

Need help getting started planning your very own pool enclosure? Call us here at Sunrooms Express Knoxville and we can help you get on your way to adding a pool enclosure to your backyard.

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