Extend the Life of Your Pool with a Pool Enclosure

Pools are great to have during the hot summer months, but taking care of your pool might just become a complete pain during winter. The cold weather won’t allow you to splash around and have fun like you do in summer, but your pool will still need all its regular maintenance and cleaning.

Keeping a regular pool cover on your pool throughout winter is definitely a good start to help prevent leaves, dust and other debris from getting into your pool, but your pool cover might not be enough to keep your pool clean. If you live in an area that gets temperatures below freezing point, you might even struggle with the top layer of your pool freezing below the cover. If this happens, the coldness of your pool cover can cause it to lose its plasticity, leaving a nasty crack when if you try to move it while it’s still cold.

There’s an easy answer to helping you solve all your pool related problems during winter. By getting a pool enclosure, you create a space around your pool that you can enjoy even during winter. Pool enclosures offer many benefits that you might never have thought of before.

Pool Enclosures and Pool Safety

When you get a pool enclosure, you’re adding an extra barrier of protection that prevents small children, pets and wild animals from accessing the area around your pool. Keeping unwanted visitors out of your pool is certainly a wonderful benefit if you regularly have small children on your property, or if you have any pets that aren’t able to swim.

While most people don’t think about pets when it comes to pool safety, it’s an unfortunate fact that dogs often drown in their owners’ pools. This especially happens when the dog is small and it doesn’t know where to find the step to safely get out after taking a swim. However, some dog breeds are so small that, even if you show them the step, the pool’s side will still be to high for them to get out.

So while it’s obvious that you need to keep your pool area safe to prevent children from falling in, you might also want to look into improving your pool safety if you’re a pet owner. If your dog is small to medium in size, showing them where the step and doing regular drills to refresh their memory can be a lifesaving precaution to take.

If you want to keep children and animals safe on your property, you might even want to consider getting a pool enclosure and not using a normal pool covering. If a child falls into your pool when it has a normal covering, the covering can fold around them and prevent him or her from resurfacing after falling into the pool. While this shouldn’t normally happen, it’s a dreadful possibility you’d want to avoid. However, if you don’t put a normal covering on your pool, you’ll have to be extra careful about keeping your pool enclosure protected, even if you have to find a way to keep it locked.

Pool Enclosures and Pool Maintenance

As mentioned, a pool enclosure will help keep your pool clean during both winter and summer. The enclosure will also protect your regular pool cover from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and hale. When you have a pool enclosure, water won’t accumulate on your pool cover after rain or snow, which means you won’t constantly have to clear water from your cover after rain.

Another benefit of pool enclosures is that the roof should provide protection against the sun, and so your pool won’t get sun damage as easily.

Enjoying Your Pool Enclosure

One of the best benefits of getting a pool enclosure is that you can create a space for your family to enjoy all year long. If you make the enclosure big enough to fit a table, it can be the perfect place to enjoy meal.

The enclosure will also provide protection against wind for those hot, windy days you want to take a swim, but can’t stand the idea of getting wind chill right after you get out of the pool. Generally speaking, the enclosure will keep your pool and the area around it more pleasant so you can enjoy taking a swim in different weather conditions.

Many pool enclosures also offer protection against harmful UV rays, which means you’ll have an extra barrier of protection against sunburns. But remember, using sunblock is always best, even if you have a pool enclosure, especially if the enclosure has glass on the sides and ceiling.

Another way you can get benefit from your pool enclosure it to use it as a greenhouse. By moving potted plants to your pool enclosure, you can avoid frost from wreaking havoc in your garden. Just remember that keeping plants in your pool enclosure might cause some leaves to end up in your pool, and so doing this can add back a bit of the maintenance you would’ve had to do if you didn’t have a cover at all.

Pool Enclosures in Knoxville, TN

Pool enclosures are already a booming trend in Florida, but here in Tennessee, they’re still catching on, which can make it a bit more difficult to find a reliable business to build an enclosure around your pool. At Sunrooms Express Knoxville, we can help you get all the benefits of a pool enclosure. Our team of professionals have many years’ experience in helping homeowners install luxury sunrooms, greenhouses and pool enclosures.

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