Benefits of Patio Enclosures

A porch or patio is a great place to spend time during the summer when the weather is pleasant. In this time, your open porch or patio can be used for relaxing with a book, having a barbecue, or even just enjoying a light breeze with a glass of juice in the late afternoon. However, open porches and patios soon become problematic during the winter, while it’s raining or when the wind is blowing too much. This is why many homeowners prefer to get an enclosed porch or patio, as this helps keep them safe from harsh weather while also adding some other benefits.

If you want to get an enclosed patio, but you’re unsure about whether it would be worthwhile, here are some of the benefits of getting your porch or patio enclosed.

Protection from Weather

Getting a deck or patio installed is a large investment. But when the weather is constantly bad, your investment won’t pay off. Instead of getting to spend leisure time with friends and family out in the sun, you might find yourself spending more time in the TV room.

With an enclosed patio, however, you can enjoy spending time on your patio any time of the year. Because the enclosed patio is likely to be the sunniest place in your home, it’ll be a great place to spend leisure time during the cold winter months too. The enclosed patio will also offer you protection against wind, rain and other weather conditions you want to avoid, all while still allowing you to feel like you get to enjoy being outdoors!

Patio Protection

The protection an enclosed patio offers against harsh weather conditions doesn’t only protect you, but also your patio. If your patio is built from wood, or if you have a wooden deck you want to enclose, the shelter of an enclosed patio could help to protect the wood from rain, hail, snow, harsh sun and any other potentially damaging weather conditions.

It’s especially helpful when your patio enclosure helps to keep your patio dry, the wetness from rain and snow can cause a wood patio the get areas where it starts to rot. So, while an enclosed patio won’t mean you can skip on patio maintenance, it can certainly help you avoid the need to replace rotten planks on your patio too often.

Keep the Crawlers Out

Spending time outside is supposed to be fun, but it becomes way less relaxing when all you get to think about is avoiding bugs!

While getting a patio enclosure isn’t guaranteed to keep all the bugs out, it can help tremendously. If you struggle with mosquitoes, for instance, having a citronella lamp on your enclosed patio will be more effective than with an open porch. Apart from this, the extra shelter also keeps a large amount of bugs out.

Add An Extra Room

Getting an enclosed patio is arguably the most budget-friendly way to add an extra room to your house without the need for major renovations. This new room can be the perfect place to keep your lounging furniture for when you have guests, and with the old lounging area freed up, you can use that space for something else you need, like adding a desk in the corner with an office space, which would be a sore eye for guests to look at. Alternatively, you could use the enclosed patio as a playroom for children too.

Obviously the extra protection from wet weather conditions isn’t only beneficial for your patio, but also for any furniture you might want to keep on your enclosed patio. With an enclosed patio, you can use scatter cushions and wooden furniture on you patio without having to worry about them getting wet whenever it rains.

Disadvantages of Enclosed Patios

The only real disadvantage of an enclosed patio is that it might not be what you really want. If you enjoy the openness of a regular porch or patio, getting an enclosed patio might make you feel like you’re missing out on alfresco meals on a regular open patio. However, even here you might be able to arrange a compromise that allows you to get the best of both worlds. It might be possible for you to get a partially enclosed patio, or to have doors that can open wide enough to bring the outside in.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want and whether or not you’d spend time in your new enclosed patio. If an enclosed patio wouldn’t suit your family’s lifestyle, it might not be for you.

Knoxville Patio Enclosures

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