Places to Visit in Knoxville Tennessee

No matter what your appetite for adventure may be, Knoxville knows how to feed it. The ever-growing list of things to do comprises of everything from historical tours to outdoor adventure to shopping plazas. Just a step inside its borders and you’ll discover fine food, festivals, award-winning theatres and music for every taste. Knoxville offers a surprising variety of shopping options for every type of shopper, no matter if you love boutiques or are loyal to a big brand. This city has no limit to the surprises it offers. No matter how high the bar is set upon your arrival, Knoxville is ready to beat your expectations.

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Knoxville Outdoors

Knoxville’s varied and inspiring natural settings offer the perfect spot for any type of outdoor adventure you want to experience. You won’t have to look too far to find a sparkling river for paddling, a lush forest for hiking, or trail for watching exquisite native wildlife. No matter if you’re looking to find a complex cycling trail, an enthralling rock climbing adventure, are a disc golf player, taking a tour down the river on the Star of Knoxville Riverboat, or want to explore the many trails, Knoxville’s varied and inspiring landscapes offer the perfect spot for any type of outdoor enjoyment.

Art and Culture

Knoxville has a reputation of being a place for artistic souls looking to capture the heart and culture of the city. So much of Knoxville’s history is alive and well in buildings, live music, and local museums, but the area local artists bring the essence and vitality of Knoxville’s spirit to life in painted murals, artwork, sculptors and photography displayed throughout the city. If you’re looking for art galleries, Knoxville has no shortage, with 9 main galleries such as the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, located on the University of Tennessee campus.


Artistry is even seen in the delicious cuisine that local chefs create in their daily culturally inspired dishes. Knoxville’s nightlife scene offers a large variety of bars and taverns with eclectic offerings such as the local Smoky Mountain Brewery. No matter if you’re in search of a calm cafe, a live music venue or a local beer, sunrooms in Knoxville can more than please your pallet for many nights to come.

Unique Attractions

Every city has that place or point of interest that any tourist wants to see, places that a particular town is known for across the state. Knoxville doesn’t have just one place, but rather several points of interest that are a requirement for you to check out when visiting here! The perfect place to get a great view over the cityscape is the Sunsphere, located in World’s Fair Park. Or perhaps you’d rather enjoy the scenic Tennessee River aboard The Star of Knoxville, an authentic stern wheel riverboat which offers lunch, sightseeing, dinner, and party cruises. Or explore the sights of the countryside on the Three Rivers Rambler, a vintage steam engine train tour.

No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for, Knoxville is here to explore and entertain! With so many different places to visit in this great city, we couldn’t list everything here. So make sure you take a trip to Knox county yourself, and soak in all the great things this city has to offer!